Prepare to move, breath and sweat your way through a powerful hot yoga class or stretch, restore and reset in an unheated class. All of our Hot Power classes take place in a room heated to 90 degrees and we welcome all levels to any class. All of our other classes are unheated. We recommend you bring a mat, towel and water with you. In case you forget something, we have mats and towels for you to rent and water you can purchase. While not required, we encourage you to sign up in advance to secure your spot in class. We lock the doors at the beginning of class and we always start on time, so please be timely. We look forward to having you in class!

Hot Power Hour - Our most popular class, this faster paced power vinyasa flow will build strength, increase flexibility, strengthen your core and transform your body and mind. Find your groove, shine your light and practice at your own level. Heated. All levels.

Hot Restore: Hips & Hamstrings - This class focuses on poses that will deeply open the hips, hamstrings, quads, low back and side body. Allow the heat to help you open more deeply and stretch more fully, while you heal your body and calm your mind. This is the perfect class for runners, cyclists and golfers and those wanting to acclimate to a hot class at a slower pace. Heated. All levels.

Hot Yoga 26/2 - A heated Hatha yoga practice that that includes a sequence of poses and breathing exercises. Offered in both 60 and 90 minute classes. Heated. All levels.

Hot Vinyasa - An invigorating vinyasa flow that will build strength, increase flexibility, strengthen your core and transform your body and mind. Find your groove, shine your light and practice at your own level. Heated. All levels.

Buti Yoga - Get your workout on! This class has a foundation in power yoga and is fused with tribal dance, plyometrics & deep abdominal toning. This, plus fun dance music, creates a high-intensity workout that transforms the body and soul. Come be a part of a tribe striving for empowerment, health, happiness & confidence. Led by trained Buti Yoga Teacher, Amber Warner, RYT. *This class has more of a workout/fitness feel, rather than a traditional yoga class...that's what makes it awesome and fun! All levels welcome, but some yoga experience recommended. Unheated. All levels.

Core Fusion Yoga - You're as strong as your core and your core is so much more than strong abs! Building stronger, more supple core muscle gives you a deeper seat of power and inner strength that stabilizes every move you make, improving posture, balance, detoxification, and staying connected to what lives at the core of who we are. This class will focus on ALL core muscles, strengthening abs, spine, thighs, hamstrings, glutes, obliques, and calves. Using a variety of standard yoga poses coupled with core-specific exercises, you'll enhance both your core strength and your yoga practice in this dynamic, invigorating class. Unheated. All levels.

Vinyasa Yoga - A slower paced vinyasa flow linking breath to movement. A moving meditation that will help beginners to find their place on the yoga mat. This class is also a great way for experienced yoga practitioners to gain a new perspective. Slow down and begin to experience transformation and empowerment at any level of practice. Unheated. All levels.

Alignment Vinyasa Yoga - Vinyasa Yoga with a focus on Anusara Principles of Alignment. This 90 minute class is offered weekly and gives students time to explore familiar and new poses. Unheated. All levels.

Foundations of Yoga - A basic, supportive class that is great for all beginning yoga students. You will be guided with safe and supportive instruction as you learn the foundation of yoga poses used in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. You will also learn relaxation techniques and pranayama/breath work. We use props such as bolsters, blocks and straps, as needed, to assist in deepening your poses and setting up proper alignment. Unheated. All levels.

Yin Yoga - Yin Yoga is a complementary, balancing form of practice in which poses are held in a softened manner for several minutes. The static holds and gentle compression of a Yin practice increase the strength, resiliency and health of joints and connective tissue. The quiet, inward nature of this practice calms the mind. Unheated. All levels.

Hatha Yoga - Hatha Yoga uses poses and stretches in combination with the breath to develop flexibility and relaxation. Hatha Yoga encourages proper alignment of the body and brings balance, strength and calmness to the student. Unheated. All levels.

Gentle Yoga -  Gentle yoga practice is for beginners or those who find constant movement a bit too challenging. This class is held at a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. Unheated. All levels.

Chair & Gentle Yoga - Looking for a way to build more strength, endurance and courage in your life? This is what Chair & Gentle yoga can do for you. Chair Yoga is a unique yoga style that adapts yoga positions and poses through creative use of a chair. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of the body. Each pose will be adapted for you while you are seated firmly in a chair or on your yoga mat. Come and practice in a positive, happy and encouraging environment. Unheated. All levels.

Therapeutic Yoga - This class focuses on reverse engineering the classical yoga asana.  Each and every body has a host of compensatory movement patterns and strategies developed over time living the life we are living.  These are all well and good until the body takes on too much load or stress and the patterns can no longer hold up.  Pain and discomfort arises often seemingly out of nowhere.  We will use gentle, repetitive, pure movement geared to quieten that which ought not to be working so hard and allow the yogic postures, breath techniques, and meditations soften us back to a place of ease and coordination. This is the perfect class to learn more of how your specific body has relationship with all the classical yoga posture.  All levels.  Unheated.

Restorative Yoga - Restorative practice by nature is a receptive practice, and in that receptivity you can guide yourself toward a more healthy state of being. Restorative yoga is much more like meditation or relaxation or yoga nidra than it is like hatha yoga. When you are in passive postures supported by props, using no muscular effort, the focus is on relieving the grip of muscular and inner tension, and you can be more spacious and receptive. There’s no goal of stretching or strengthening. You’re exploring what happens when you slowly release your habitual way of holding—what are you left with? Unheated. All levels.

Yoga Nidra - Also known as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that guides students through a specific form of meditation. Yoga Nidra is practiced in a comfortable, reclined position. You'll be led through guided imagery and body scanning, allowing you to release built up tension as well as unresolved and unconscious thought patterns. Practicing Yoga Nidra removes mental fatigue and invigorates the body, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Drop beneath the mental chatter and emotional activity of everyday life into a deep state of peace and clarity.

Hot Purification Meditation - This group meditation class combines both heat and guided meditation to take your yoga practice even deeper. Enjoy resting your body and mind in a heated space that inspires detoxification and releasing physical and mental impurities. Allow yourself time to simply BE in the heat and practice letting your thoughts go. Let yourself be guided to move into a place of openness and feel what it's like to let go of resistance. Free yourself from expectations, judgments, thoughts of past or future and truly let the power of the heat and power of the mind bring you to a new state of clarity, both physically and mentally. Heated. All levels.

Beginner Series - This is a monthly series that takes place one evening a week for three weeks and is designed for beginners. In this series learn and explore the principles of alignment for the most common poses in Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga classes, as well as basic breathing and meditation. If you're brand new to yoga or if you need a refresher for your current practice, then this series is for you! Classes are unheated and will meet on 3 consecutive weeks. Unheated.

Prenatal Yoga - Prenatal yoga gives a woman energy to enjoy her pregnancy, serenity to build a deeper intimacy with her own body and baby, and the presence of mind to expect the unexpected and be present. The benefits are numerous: release stress, enhance the ability to relax, boost physical strength, increase flexibility, improve balance, ease discomforts of pregnancy, open hips and pelvis, strengthen pelvic floor, build confidence, and expand a woman’s circle of community support. Take this time to foster a deeper connection to your self, to your body, to your baby. Unheated. All levels.

Yoga Kids – We have classes throughout the year for children in grades K-5. The classes give children the chance to learn the basics of yoga and mindfulness through music and play. Check the schedule for the current series.

Private Yoga - Whether you are brand new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or already practicing regularly, we believe you will benefit from taking a private class with us. We will work with you in a 60 minute yoga session that is designed specifically for your needs. We can help to answer all of your questions, will assist you along the way, and support you in any way we can. Please with any questions or to set up a private class with us.

Private Group - If you are looking to gather some of the wonderful people in your life for a special event, consider setting up a private group class with us! We can teach your group any style of class we offer. Please email with any questions or to set up a private group class.

Corporate Yoga - We can bring yoga to your workplace! Yoga provides employees with the tools they need to manage their daily stress; and it is proven to make people happier, healthier and more productive. We will work with your schedule to set up weekly sessions lasting 45-60 minutes. To get more information or to set up a Corporate Yoga Class, please email